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Here at Mid-Valley, we offer not only the best machines, but the most innovative technology. Remote control and monitoring technology from Valley© and AgSense® give you peace of mind and freedom. Now you can monitor and control your irrigation equipment from anywhere at any time. No other company offers you the options you need to integrate the right technology into your operation. It’s not your grandfather’s farm anymore. Technology is changing what you do and how you do it. We install the most innovative technology for today’s grower – from advanced GPS position and guidance to highly intuitive remote monitoring and control tools. Get cutting-edge and field-proven options that fit your operation and your budget.

NEW: ICON Valley Control Panels
The new Valley ICON family of smart panels gives you even more options for controlling and managing your center pivots. These four Internet-connected panels - the ICON10, ICON5, ICON1 and ICONX – offer touchscreen interfaces and the widest range of connectivity. Whether you prefer to keep things simple or tap into the most advanced management tools, every ICON panel is designed to provide intuitive control for farms of every size. And every panel comes equipped with the AgSense ICON Link, making it compatible with AgSense and BaseStation3 remote monitoring solutions.

Get unprecedented control over your farm with BaseStation3 – the most comprehensive irrigation management product available. Select cellular, data radio or Internet protocol to manage your irrigation equipment using any computer, tablet or smartphone. Native iOS (iPhone®, iPad®) and Android apps give you total mobility and a constant connection to your center pivots, saving you time and money.

AgSense irrigation management products use digital cellular technology to remotely monitor and control irrigation equipment. AgSense connects your farm to your computer, smartphone or table; controls your farm equipment remotely; and monitors weather, soil moisture and more. The new AgSense app gives you a real-time data and aggregated historical reports to simply decision making.